Why attend an Open Day?

What are the things you need to look for on an Open Day?

Open Days may paint a training establishment out to be much like a few years in your favourite theme park – too good to be true – but wade through the meticulous work of fun and games and you’ll find that the day can provide a number of invaluable insights.


Nothing serves to help you come to a decision better than some good old fashioned human intuition. DSCN7239When you attend an open day you’re sure to get a gut-feeling about the training establishment, the vibe of the place may simply entice you into getting that application form in, or something won’t feel quite right for you.

Key Questions:

  • Is there a buzz about the place?
  • What are the staff and students like?
  • Does it all feel genuine?

Subject talks

A major reason to attend open days is the opportunity to visit the department in which you may be studying. If you’re undecided between courses this will help give you clarity, and if you’re really stuck you’ll able to visit multiple departments. In fact, it’s recommended you prepare some key questions in order to understand what is being offered. Keep one eye open and see what the current students are doing during the open day.

Key Questions:DSCN7311

  • Does teaching incorporate enough of a practical element for you?
  • What does this department aim to equip its graduates with?
  • How is the course assessed?
  • What’s the proportion of teaching time versus independent study?
  • Do you get a good feel from the lecturers and administrators you meet?


Campus facilities

One of the great pleasures of studying at a tertiary establishment is the sheer level of facilities you’ll be DSCN7199able to exploit (or not). An open day can give you an indication of the kind of facilities that will be available to you.

Key Questions:

  • Are the facilities up to date?
  • Is all the equipment well maintained?
  • Is there plenty of it?


Meet current students

Training establishments enlist existing students to run tours, demonstrate their work, and be available to answer questions. This is your opportunity to dig deep and get the nitty gritty details. These students won’t have an agenda so are likely to give you an honest insight. They’ll tell you whether they’re satisfied with the facilitation, the support available, what the local nightlife is like, what the best areas of residence are – the list is endless. Don’t be shy and get asking.

Key Questions:DSCN7304

  • How easy is it to get one-on-one time with lecturers and tutors?
  • How safe is it at night?
  • What’s the best union bar?


Visit the surrounding area

Tertiary training isn’t all work, work, work. There’s plenty of time to wind down and enjoy life. But is this the right place for you? Some students seek out the hustle and bustle of the city whilst others are looking for a quieter lifestyle. Take a walk round the surrounding area and make sure this place is the one for you. It’s also worth considering the wider area when making choices: adventurous types may benefit from a national park or accessible coastline; cosmopolitan types will enjoy easy connections to a number of  shopping centers and a multicultural environment.   DSCN7376

Key Questions:

  • How is the public transport?
  • How much do things cost?
  • How safe is the city?





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