Welcome to the Class of 2017

A new year is upon us, and CHS is thrilled to welcome the newbies of 2017.

An introduction assembly took place on Monday, the 30th of January, to ensure that all students were welcomed to CHS; and they were introduced to both their new fellow classmates and CHS personnel.
A briefing was done by the Managing Director of CHS, Ms. Ronél Bezuidenhout, who openly shared some encouraging insight of the challenging, yet rewarding, journey into the hospitality industry.

The class of 2017 kicked the year off, with a four day Orientation Camp to Buffelspoort, accompanied by a reliable team of Camp Leaders & staff, for some good old fun and team building.
We arrived on campus, early morning of the 31st of January, to be surrounded by anxious, new faces, holding firmly onto their creatively decorated hats & name boards, as they shared awkward conversation & giggles.

Mrs van Deventer & Miss Lodewyks compiled an excellent program, combined with both physical and mental challenges; to allow our students not only to get to know one another, but to grasp the importance of team work & communication within their groups.

FotorCreatedOur 75 students were divided into groups of approximately 12 students, accompanied by two, second year camp leaders.
Each team was allocated a colour & were given the freedom of choosing a unique name to best represent them; as well as a team flag, coat of arms & war cry.

Our teams were as follow:
Pink – “Pink Floyd”
Green – Tribal Blazers
Purple – Iron Team
Orange – Oompa Loompas
Red – Team Flash
Blue – H20 United

FotorCreatedgfgfgfdgfdThese challenging group activities included, the hula hoop helium and snake game, frozen t-shirt contest, the cookie challenge, a tasty potjie competition, a treasure hunt, stalk the lantern; just to name a few.


Each team had an opportunity to show off their cooking skills in the kitchen; whilst working side by side with our talented chef lecturer; Chef Germano, assisted by Chef Whelan & Chef Brook; whilst others were put in charge of decorating their dining area. All teams were scored on their performances throughout their stay at camp.

FotorvdsvdfdsfsdfCreatedOn the Thursday, management and administration staff of CHS joined us for an eventful day, as the teams took part in an aviation themed potjie competition. Our managing director, Ronél Bezuidenhout & Head of the Professional Cookery Department, Chef Alicia Giliomee had the privilege of judging each potjie according to event preparation, flavor, tenderness, service, presentation of venue and dish and the successful use of a secret ingredient.

FotorCrdsfsfsdfsdeatedThe CHS personnel enjoyed a delightful evening together, with a variety of mouth-watering potjies served for dinner, live entertainment from our students, lots of laughter and great conversation.


For more pictures of the Orientation Camp and welcoming the Class of 2017, view the photos on the Official Capital Hotel School Facebook page.


Written by Raquel Meyer.

Venue: ATKV Buffelspoort Holiday Resort 


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