Welcome to the Class of 2015

3 February 2015


Young people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures start the journey to the rest of their lives today.  We welcome 84 young people to our campus in order to assist them in achieving their goals of being future chefs and hoteliers.

The welcoming started on Monday, 26 January, with an assembly and ice-breaker in order to introduce the students to the members of staff and their fellow classmates.

To read the heartfelt welcome presented by Cameron Herselman (Second Year Professional Cookery Student); click here.

Stephen Billingham (Director of CHS, President of Chefs Association of South Africa and Proprietor of HTA) also addressed the fresh faces with some wise words.  These words rang true and provided students (both first and second years) with some insight and guidance to the challenging (but rewarding) industry they are embarking on.

Tuesday, 27 January, first year students were accompanied by the Camp Team Leaders and members of staff on a four-day teambuilding and orientation camp.  First year students were armed with their creative hat-inventions and fabulous name boards.

The programme consisted of mental and physical challenges, whilst putting a “hospitality” spin on tasks.  Miss Van Zyl and Miss Lodewyks kept the spirits up and the challenges rolling in.

Camp photo for website

Challenges included the infamous “egg drop”, frozen t-shirt challenge, obstacle course, potjiekos competition and lots more.  Each group of students had an opportunity to cook a meal and decorate the dining area; cooking was done under the watchful eye of Chef Carolin, Chef Strauss and Chef Kea.

On the last evening of camp, management and administration staff of CHS joined the festivities and the meal was a feast of potjies featuring original recipes and methods.

For all the action and the photos of the camp, view the Official Capital Hotel School Facebook page for more.

Final scores and activity winners will be announced on the First & Second Year teambuilding day which will be presented on 16 February.




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