Veronica Giliomee

Department: Kitchen & Deli

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi, 13th Century poet

Veronica comes from a disciplined background in Law enforcement, where she was always the one to be tasked with outreach programs and functions to breach the gap between cultures, as the country then stood knee deep in a transition stage.


Always interested in food preparation and from a family of avid cooks, that same discipline stood her in good grace when she decided to study French Patisserie at Christina Martin’s School of Food & Wine in Durban, a field that require a discipline of its own. “Master Chef Eric Berulier always said: “Put your mind on what you are doing” and that I still believe today, as, like every baker knows, your feelings goes into your production, so never try to bake when you are angry.”  Over the years Veronica worked as a Pastry chef, Cold Kitchen, Hot Kitchen Preparation Chef, Breakfast Chef, and Deli Chef in Hotels and Lodges.


She also studied the art of a Butler, at the South African Butler’s Academy in Cape Town, another discipline, and worked as Housekeeping Supervisor locally, and as Room Attendant, overseas, an experience that she sees as most valuable to broaden one’s window to the world.

“One’s preconceptions of other cultures quickly disappears when you get to know people as human beings with just the same aspirations, dreams and fears as yourself” – Veronica

Although discipline runs like a thread through Veronica’s working career, she is widely known as a warm and caring human being and mentor that brings change and relays knowledge wherever she goes:

“We owe it to our fellow (wo)men to always give the best that we can, and most of all, we owe it to ourselves as well” – Veronica

CHS wishes Veronica a warm welcome to the team and hope to add another exciting chapter to her career.


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