CHS EXPRESS Tutorial: Eggs Benedict

Today we launch the CHS Express YOUTUBE Channel.

The first CHS Tutorial is presented by Chef Alicia Giliomee and Mrs Ronel Bezuidenhout on the art of Eggs Benedict.  Join us in creating this breakfast treat with a step-by-step guide and expert tips from Chef Alicia.


Eggs Benedict (Serves 2 )

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Dish Components:
2 English Muffins, butterflied in half
80g Shaved Smoked Hickory Ham
4 eggs, soft poached
100ml Hollandaise Sauce
2 sprigs Vine tomatoes
Basil for garnish

Equipment Components:

  • Medium sized pot
  • Medium sized pan
  • Stick blender & stick blender jug
  • Slotted Spoon (Perforated Spoon)
  • Wooden spoon

For the Poached Eggs:
4 fresh eggs
25ml white spirit/wine vinegar

1. Place a medium sized pot, filled just to under the three quarter mark with water, on the heat and bring to the boil. Then take the temperature down to a slow simmer.
2. Break each Egg into a small ramekin and reserve.
3. Meanwhile, add the Vinegar to the simmering liquid. Start spiralling the water, using the back of a spoon, into a vortex.poached-egg-1
4. Now, while still spiralling, lower the Egg into the simmering water and allow it to settle at the bottom of the pot. Wait a minute or two before easing in the next Egg on the side of the pot, using the same vortex method.
5. Simmer until a protective film forms over the Egg yolks. Cook to desired grade and remove from the pot, using a slotted spoon. Use immediately or reserve till required.
Chefs Note: Cooking Times for Soft poached Eggs (4 minutes), Medium poached Eggs (5-6 minutes), Hard poached eggs (8 minutes).
When entertaining, the poached Eggs can be prepared the day before and as they come out of the pot, just placed in chilled water to “refresh them and stop the cooking process for continuing. Then on the day of the function, just lower them into simmering water again to achieve core temperature above 63 degrees Celsius and serve.

For the Hollandaise Sauce:
2 Egg yolks, at room temperature
10-15ml fresh Lemon juice
100ml clarified Butter
1. Place the Egg yolks in a stick blender jug and add the lemon juice. Blend till it turns a lemony yellow colour.
2. Now add the warm(56°C) clarified Butter(Ghee) in a slow and steady stream.

Chefs Note: Prepare the clarified Butter by melting it over a low heat without disturbing the surface liquids by stirring of excessive bubbling. The Butter will naturally separate into three density levels when melted. At the top, the milk solids will collect in a surface film (similar to frost on a puddle on a Karoo Winter morning), in the middle the lipids will be visible as a clear golden liquid. And at the bottom, the watery whey will collect. Remove from the heat once the Butter has melted completely.
Now, working carefully, skim the top milk solid film off the lipid layer and discard.
Gently, using a small ladle, spoon the lipid liquid into a jug without disturbing the bottom layer of whey. The liquid lipid without whey or milk solids is referred to as Ghee.

3. Blend till thickened and emulsified.

Chefs Note: Should the sauce be too thick, thin it down by blending in a bit more Lemon juice to the desired consistency.
If it is too thin, you might still need to add a bit more Ghee. Alternatively, your Egg yolk or Ghee temperatures were not correct and emulsification has not taken place.
Should your Hollandaise look like it might be separating, just add a drop or so of chilled water to the sauce, while blending and it should bring it back together.

4. Season to taste.

Preparing for Assembly:
1. Heat a pan to medium heat and add a little Ghee. Now place the butterflied halves of the English Muffin in the pan and toast to a light golden brown. Remove from the pan and place on your serving dish (2 halves per portion).
2. Place the same pan back on the heat and sear the Vine Tomatoes. Remove from the pan and also arrange on your serving dish slightly off-centre from your English Muffins.
3. Meanwhile, slightly heat your Hickory Ham shavings and nestle on the English Muffins.
4. Place your hot Poached Eggs on the Ham, careful not to spoon any excess water onto the Ham and top each Egg with a spoon full of Hollandaise sauce.
5. Using a blowtorch, grill the top of the Hollandaise for a bit of colour.
Chef’s Note: Should you not have a blow torch, brown the Hollandaise by using the grill function on your oven instead.
6. Garnish and enjoy!

Paired with SARONSBERG BRUT METHODE CAP CLASSIQUE “bubbles” for a extra special breakfast.

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