Review: Oriental Festival Pop-Up Restaurant event

Oriental Fusion Festival – 12 May 2017


The Capital Hotel School’s Oriental themed Pop-Up restaurant evening was held on a chilly autumn evening earlier this month. Coordinated and executed from inception to end by the school’s second year students, guests were treated to food demonstrations and a six course meal and Van Loveren wine pairing.

Oriental Evening (2)The event is aimed at training learners on each of the components involved with a large event such as budgets, décor, meal planning, wine airing and ultimately serving a large number of guests. With a maximum attendance the highlight of the evening was a masterclass by Head of Department: Professional Cookery, Chef Alicia GilliomeeOriental Evening (5)

Chef Alicia demonstrated one of the latest trends in the food world; Ramen. Ramen is a traditional oriental dish made from noodles in a soupy broth a staple of the Japanese working class, which has recently reached popularity in modern cooking spheres. Each ingredient used in a ramen dish is carefully selected to ensure a rich, yet balanced bowl of flavours.

Oriental Evening (4)The menu selection catered for a variety of oriental-flavours, and included the following flavourful items:

Amuse Bouche
Thai Shrimp Cake with a Duo of Spicy Peanut Sauce & Homemade Sweet Chilli Sauce
Crispy, shredded, Duck Pancake with Plum Sauce with Red Cabbage, Mint, Orange and Cashew tossed Salad
Palate cleanser
Green Tea Gel with Lemon Sorbet
Main Course
Malaysian Coconut Chicken Laksa
Japanese Cheesecake with Rosewater
and Strawberry Parfait
Chinese DoughnutsOriental Evening (3)

Some of the proceeds from the evening was handed over to Tshwane Child Welfare that reaches out to over 206 communities in South Africa.  Raffles are sold during the event to stand a chance of winning great prizes.

Oriental Evening (1)

For more photos of the event and other Pop-Up Restaurant Events, take a look on the Official Capital Hotel School Facebook page.



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