Code: 3528-51 & 3529-51

Skills Proficiency Awards in Basic Housekeeping Services

Ingredients of the Course

There are two related levels:

Skills Foundation Certificate 3528-51

  • Safe working and hazard prevention within personal workspace.
  • Basic cleaning techniques and correct use of chemicals and equipment.
  • Working with other people in a service environment.

Skills Proficiency Certificate 3529-51

  • Maintaining health, hygiene and safety practices for self and others.
  • Organising and performing correct cleaning procedures.
  • Interacting with customers when providing services.




Skills Foundation Certificate 3528-51

  • Maintaining personal health, hygiene and safety.
  • Applying workplace safety procedures/identifying hazards.
  • Identifying and operating various types of firefighting equipment.
  • Correct handling and storing of chemical substances.
  • Adhering to the establishment’s uniform standards.
  • Applying appropriate cleaning procedures for all areas.
  • Identifying different cleaning equipment types and using it correctly.
  • Identifying cross contamination hazards.

Skills Proficiency Certificate 3529-51

  • Maintaining health and safety; selection and use of protective clothing and safety equipment for specific tasks.
  • Performing safe working practices and basic first aid procedures.
  • Inspection for faults, set-up and safe use of equipment.
  • Correct handling and storage of chemical substances.
  • Complying with establishment’s emergency procedures.
  • Demonstrating appropriate skills when dealing with different types of customers.
  • Applying appropriate security procedures regarding property of guests.
  • Reporting incidents in line with establishment procedures.
  • Performing housekeeping services.
  • Applying appropriate cleaning and preparation procedures for all areas and fittings using appropriate methods and materials.
  • Practicing good working standards.
  • Inter-acting with other departments.

Serving of Qualification

This programme, including the training and assessment of both levels, requires 6 x 5 hour days.  Training sessions can be presented over a period of time i.e. 1 session per week, from 08:00 to 13:00, to accommodate the availability of public transport.


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