Mushroom-mommy Esther is sprouting

“Esther” has given us her first yield.

It is with great excitement that Chef Alicia has shared the joyous news of “Esther” (the kitchen mother) sprouting little ones!

The project was initiated by Chef Alicia Giliomee at the CHS campus a few months ago. The Professional Cookery students were tasked of taking care of “Esther” the mushroom-mommy.

On Thursday, 27 July, Chef Alicia gathered everyone on campus to witness the first harvesting of the baby mushrooms bulging from the brown mysterious box.

The mushroom box is a product of The Mushroom Factory and will yield approximately 3kg worth of mushrooms from a single box.
The Mushroom Factory believes that growing mushrooms should be fun, and it certainly is at the CHS campus.
“Esther” is a combination of White and Pink Oyster mushrooms and will continue to produce amazing nuggets of baby mushrooms with careful tending and some care.

Fun Facts

  • A mycophile is someone whose hobby is to hunt edible wild mushrooms.
  • A mycologist is an expert in mushrooms and other fungi -from the Greek word mykes, meaning “fungus”.
  • A mushroom is a fungus (from the Greek word sphongos, meaning “sponge”).
  • A mushroom is classified as a fungus because it has no chlorophyll, produces spore and not seeds.
  • One Portabella mushroom generally has more potassium than a banana.
  • Mushrooms are composed of 90% water.
  • Mushrooms, particularly the Portabella are often used in place of meat in many dishes making them great for vegetarians and earning them the name of ‘beefsteak for the poor’.
  • Drying mushrooms is the oldest and most commonly used way to preserve mushrooms, but they can also be canned, pickled or frozen.

If you would like to share in the grow-your-own experience, read more about the products available from The Mushroom Factory.

For stockists of The Mushroom Factory products, click here.


Showing off the new mushroom-babies.

To see the video of Chef Alicia showing off the new baby mushrooms, go to the Official Capital Hotel School Facebook Page.

Mushroom facts taken from The Mushroom Factory website.


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