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  • news-dec2011

    CHS Newsletter – December 2011

    Yes 2011 is coming to a close; too soon and too many things we still wanted to accomplish. But the good news is that is also happy holidays for most of us. I am sure you have noticed that our newsletter has a new name, FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a suggestion of one of our 2nd year students, Zenta Roets. Thank you Zenta! Read More >>

  • Newsletter April 2011

    CHS Newsletter – April 2011

    This year CHS is celebrating its eleventh year of existence. Recalling Monday, 3 January 2001 when CHS opened its doors for the first time, brings back many warm memories. So far the journey has been long and sometimes very challenging, but one that I will never regret. If ever given the choice to start over, history will repeat itself. Read More >>

  • newsletter-december-2010

    CHS Newsletter – November 2010

    Let’s take time to spend with our families and friends. Take the back road and appreciate nature – it’s free and beautiful. Write a letter to someone special and POST it! Go to the book store or the library and indulge in the fantastic literature which contributes to your well being. Read More >>

  • Newsletter August 2010

    CHS Newsletter – August 2010

    Is there life after the World Cup Soccer? Absolutely, and with a 9 out of 10 score for South Africa hosting this big event, we should all be very excited to tackle the rest of 2010 with enthusiasm. Read More >>


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