How to Make a 5 Star Bed – Banele J. Sangweni: Hospitality Management Student.

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I had an interview with Banele at our last open day and he impressed me. I asked him to share some tips from his day-to-day practicals to show what he is busy with. You’ll see from the video that this young man has big dreams and his understanding of what it takes to get to the top is phenomenal.

 How to make a 5 star bed.

Below,  Banele shares how to make a 5 star bed, which to some may seem like a menial task, but mastering basic skills like this is your ticket up in the world of hospitality management.

Step: 1 Strip.

Strip the bed by removing everything that’s on the bed, remember not to place pillows or duvets on the floor (its unhygienic, poses health risk to you and your family or guests if you work in housekeeping). Place your pillows on a chair or tabletop.

Step 2: Gather your linen.

Whether you are waking from the bed, or replacing soiled linen with clean and fresh linen. Making your bed everyday is a must! It helps the room look tidy.

Pretoria-20140701-00882Step: 3 Place the Sheet.

Spread the sheet evenly across the bed, with the finished side facing down. Let the extra length of the sheet fall evenly over the sides of the bed.

Pretoria-20140701-00883Step: 4 Tuck and Tidy.

Tuck the bottom of the top sheet into the mattress until it fits snugly between the mattress and the box spring, Tug firmly on the sheet to create a snug and smooth surface.

Pretoria-20140701-00885Step: 5 Making Hospital or Envelope Corners (with the bottom corners of the top sheet).

Pick up the bottom edge at one bottom corner and hold it out. Tuck in what is left hanging down at the corner, then let the edge fall and tuck it in as well. This will create a vertical fold known as a hospital corner. Repeat this process for the other bottom corner.


Pretoria-20140701-00884Step: 6 Finish with a Blanket, quilt or throw blanket.

Put two pillows on the bed. Put pillowcases on, then the pillow shams. Fluff the pillows and put them at the top of the bed. The pillows should match in size. If the bed is a king bed, you can even consider putting in three pillows so the space is filled.

A little background.

Banele did his practicals at Southern Sun Hotel Pretoria in the Housekeeping department.  Here is his story:

First week.

My first week I was taught how to clean guest bedrooms, bathrooms, public areas, lobbies and conference rooms. I did various tasks like

  • Making beds
  • Turning mattresses
  • Vacuuming carpets.
  • Mopping floors.
  • Cleaning bathtubs.
  • Washing basins and shower doors.
  • Replaced guest towels.
  • Changed bed sheets.
  • Provided clean pillowcases.
  • Replenished guest amenities for the tea and coffee station, bathroom amenities e.g soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion.

Second week.

During my second week training I was in Laundry and Linen Service.

I learned a lot during this week and it included tasks like:

  • Receiving soiled linen and towels from room attendants.
  • Doing inventory on these linens.
  • Issuing the room attendants with Clean fresh linen to replace and replenish guest bedrooms.
  • Pressing Restaurant linen.
  • Collecting guest laundry.
  • Sorting these for washing by an outside laundry service company.
  • Receiving clean linen from an outside based laundry company according to the invoice.

Third week.

During my third week I worked late shift proving Turn Down Service for guests, issuing guests with irons and ironing board upon request.

Fourth week.

Forth Week of practicals I learned:

  • Proper telephone etiquette when receiving calls in house keeping.
  • Setting up cot beds for guest with young children.
  • Inspecting cleaned rooms to spot and fix any discrepancies and mistakes before the guest see’s them and is dissatisfied with the level of service the Hotel provides.

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