Gordon Ramsey’s advice to young people

Gordon Ramsay: A recipe for career success

World renown chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay gives advice to aspiring cooks and young people in every walk of life.

In order to succeed as a chef you must become a ‘sponge’, says Ramsay. He advises young people between the ages of 16 and 30 to focus on acquiring knowledge rather than money in their early years.

“Don’t take a job for the sake of money…go and get knowledge.” He describes knowledge as the passport to better opportunities.

He advises aspiring students to work for big chefs and move on when things become too comfortable. “The money will come once you’ve mastered the craft.”

Chefs are known for creating new and interesting recipes, but according to Ramsay the challenge is recording those new ideas. He says becoming consistent in this practice establishes a high mark in terms of cooking standards.

“Fine-tuning new recipe’s is paramount”. In the same vein being able to teach a recipe to others is just as important. “The art of success in terms of business is the delegation.”

For those looking to start their own business or restaurant he warns, “ don’t shoot too high”.

Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry are more likely to have success if they focus on providing excellent service in their immediate vicinity. “Keep it local.”

“Focus on your customers, they’re your biggest critics”.

He reminds new chefs that the journey of cooking is similar to that of medicine, it takes years to learn the industry, and the learning never ends. “Don’t think you can learn it within three or four years”.

Vision is another element of successful business ownership, and in the food industry attention to detail is critical. “Never cut corners.”

For those who are willing to make the sacrifices cooking offers great opportunities to “travel, get paid and experience phenomenal food anywhere in the world.”

For more tips on how to become a world class chef watch this interview with Gordon Ramsay.

Taken from: http://www.skillsportal.co.za/content/gordon-ramsay-recipe-career-success


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