From our Fans!

Acknowledgement for a job well done!


The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy is proud to boast with the following praise from our “fans”.


10371966_587445834702747_1781734203721132086_nChef Fortunato Mazzone from Ritrovo/Priva provided the following recommendation:

“I use students from this wonderful Hotel School in all my businesses and at all my shows. They have great discipline, the requisite skills and the correct etiquette and the assumption must be made that they receive a high standard of training. I can give my personal recommendation as to the quality of this school.”


Celia Lourens (Child Welfare Tshwane:  Marketing and Fundraising Manager) provided us with the following praise after a Food and Beverage Experience:

Dearest Benita,                                                      Just a quick word of appreciation  for the incredible hospitality last Wednesday evening. I truly enjoyed every moment, loved seeing the school on the personal tour with you, moreover, seeing your hard work paying off. The quality of the entire dinner speaks louder than words, and I feel so fortunate to be included in the inner circle.  Hats off to you, not only for a job well done in transforming these young leaders, but also for your passion and dedication to our hospitality industry! I am a true admirer.  I look forward to working with you this year, and many to come. Warmest wishes,  Celia


Thank you to all current students, and past students, whom are “embracing the art of hospitality” and doing a great job in their chosen fields.

CHS would like to make a special mention to all members of staff and lecturers for their contribution in providing our students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the hospitality industry.

Keep up the hard work!



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