FOODvember: SA named best Brandy and Cognac maker

South African brandy-makers made history in 2016, topping decades of trophy-winning glory at international competitions with an accolade never before achieved – South Africa was named maker of the world’s best brandy and cognac. This achievement forever changed the relationship between the two. 

Cognac and brandy are essentially made in a similar way – both are made from grapes and matured in oak barrels. While brandy is produced the world over, the centuries-long tradition of brandy-making in the commune of Cognac in France allowed the region to secure legislated geographic protection for the name of its spirit.


The result was that any challenge to its quality was almost impossible – only spirit made in that country, using its methods is deemed acceptable. This was problematic for brandy-makers in South Africa, for one. Even with high production standards and endless awards, brandy makers remain blocked by competition rules that prevent a fair evaluation of brandies with cognacs. Intent on proving their skill, South Africans put their tenacity to work, satisfying all requirements to produce cognac.

“Both brandy and cognac are recognised as the pinnacle of the master distillers’ art by connoisseurs and brandy-lovers alike,” says South African Brandy Foundation director Christelle Reade-Jahn.


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