CHS “Event Evenings”

The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy presents “Event Management” as a theoretical and practical module as part of learning programme for the full-time qualifications.

CHS students are tutored on the basics of planning and executing an event, but are also exposed to the challenges and realities of the actual event on an evening where they (in their groups) are responsible for the different areas of the event.

Event Evenings (or “Pop Up Restaurants”) are themed according to the groups’s selected theme which will reflect in the decorations, the menu as well as the overall atmosphere on the event.

We support one of two non-profit organisations on these events, and all proceeds will go to Wetnose Animal Rescue Centre or Tshwane Child Welfare, and will be selected by the group of students hosting the event.  Representatives of the selected non-profit organisations attend these events to create awareness.

Industry professionals and mentors are also invited to attend these functions to showcase the skills and creations of the CHS students.

Bookings for the upcoming events can be made with Lee Van Deventer, she can provide you with additional information as well.













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