How to Choose a Career Path in the Hospitality Industry.

If you like the hospitality industry as a whole, but don’t know what exactly do go study, you need to differentiate between the different kind of courses and their outcomes. Let’s look at the careers and how they apply to you:

Front of House management

Career Path in the Hospitality IndustryAre you aspiring to become a supervisor/manager in Front of House Departments of the Hospitality Industry? The elements involved are Accommodation Services (“Housekeeping”), “Front Office” (“Reception”), Food Preparation (“Kitchen”), Food and Beverage Services, Human Resource and Business Management principles.

This career is applicable to all sectors of the Hospitality Industry; ranging from bed and breakfast establishments to large-scale hotels. Being in this field will make you fluent in the Gaming, Travel and other Tourism industries as it draws from experience gathered from the hospitality industry.

This is great if you have management and social skills. You’ll flourish here if you get excited by dealing with customers, managing events, being a leader, cultural diversity, managing conflict in the workplace and communicating in a team. You will get to work on sound financial principles, conducting on the job training and getting a basic knowledge of labour relations.

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Professional Cookery

If you have a passion for disciplines relating to the production of top quality cuisine, health and safety measures and want to develop the ability to manage a kitchen? In this profession you’ll be bringing together elements of food and beverage preparation, service as well as management, applying it to all sectors of the Hospitality Industry.

You could get involved with the small restaurant all the way up to large-scale hotels. Following this career path requires exposure and practice in many hospitality disciplines and will give you access to the Gaming, Travel and other Tourism industries.

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Pastry Chef

A Pastry Chef is usually interested and familiar with the inner workings of the hospitality industry, understand elements of health, safety and nutrition and is passionate about the preparation, cooking and finishing of dishes using a range of different cookery methods. This is your field if you are constantly in the kitchen, paying attention to the details of pastry dishes, presentation of plates and creating your own creation and testing recipes.

Here, you aspire to work in any of the sectors of the hospitality industry, from small restaurants to large-scale hotels. You’ll need to love the whole industry as dealing with people and serving the customer is still part of your larger job description. You’ll be interested in the Gaming, Travel and Tourism industry.

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The top 4 Hospitality jobs.

According to you have an opportunity to earn a good living while working in a dynamic environment. Thus, you need to choose a career path that will place you in a position to land a top hospitality job.

As of 2013/2014 these are the top 4 jobs in the hospitality industry.

  • Lodging Manager – Being in this position, your responsibility would be to ensure your vacation guests or business travellers have a pleasant experience. You’ll also be responsible for the efficiency and profitability of the establishment. This is a great position if you’re able to handle stress and pressure of a high profile environment, have a passion for people and meeting targets and objectives. If you are able to land this position you will be working in resorts, motels/hotels or any other establishments providing lodging.
  • Food Service Managers – Food Service Managers work in establishments that require food service; like hotels, restaurants and catering companies. Your responsibility will be overseeing the daily operation with regard to food and drink service. As is customary in the hospitality industry, you will have to ensure happy customers. To flourish in this position, you’ll need passion for administration, finances and people, as this will encompass your core business.
  • Tourism and Travel Manager – Here you may work in many different departments; including, but not limited to Cruise Directors, Tour Managers, Travel Agents and Sales Managers. This is a field befitting the ‘organizer’ in the family – always being involved with determining travel dates, modes of transportation, costs, destinations, accommodation and so forth. You’ll be working with customers and clients, staff and responsible for supervising a lot of key functions. The most exciting part of this career path is that you get to travel a lot.
  • Human Resource Manager – This is a challenging position and therefore need to be passionate about people and the relationships or the dynamics between them. You’ll be involved with recruitment, hiring, interviewing, firing and conflict management.

Questions that may influence your career path.

To further investigate career options in Hospitality, below are some questions (and suggested answers) that you may want to look at to steer you in the right direction in choosing a career path in the Hospitality industry.

  • Do you have lots of energy? (Yawn/Yahoo)
  • Do you like to win? (Sometimes/Always)Are you the life and the soul of the party? (Introvert/Extrovert)
  • Do you like a good chat? (Love to listen/Love to talk)
  • Do you like a bit of creativity? (Blank Canvas/Work of art)
  • Are you a good storyteller? (Fallen asleep/Gripped)
  • Do you strive for the top? (Team player/Ambitious)
  • Do you love to be on stage? (Hate it/Love it)
  • Does logic make you tick? (Tick/Tick, tick, tick)
  • Are you a big fan of post-its and plans? (Chaotic/Organized)
  • Are you always looking out for others? (Me, me, me/ Everyone else)
  • Would you stand by your friends, no matter what? (See ya/Loyal)
  •  Are you easily irritated? (Chilled our/Fired up)
  • Do you prefer quantity over quality? (Gucci/Mr Price)
  • Do you always mind your manners? (Nope/Yes, thank you)
  • Which of the 5 areas interest you most?
  1. Travel
  2. Arts & Culture
  3. Music
  4. Local Interests
  5. Food & Drink
  6. Socializing
  7. Being active
  8. Creativity & attention to detail
  9. Business
  10. Research
  11. Chance/Risk
  12. Working with children
  13. Wellbeing of others
  14. Locally sourced produce
  15. Environmental
  16. Health & Nutrition
  • Do you prefer working; our & about, inside or either?
  • Do you prefer to be; at a desk, on your feet or either?
  • Do you prefer your workplace to be; variable, a fixed location or either?
  • Do you prefer; varied tasks, Rou tine tasks or either?
  • Do you prefer making the product, interacting with customers or either?

Your Turn.

Do you have a better idea of what career path you’d like to follow in the Hospitality industry? Or do you require some expert guidance and advice. Please interact with us on Facebook and Twitter.


Personality test by the Hospitality Guild in the UK.

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