A celebration for successful Skills Development Programme candidates

27 March 2015

One of the objectives of The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy (CHS) is to address the current skills shortage and job opportunities available in the South African hospitality sector, providing this growing market with skilled and experienced candidates.

The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy have partnered with Department of Social Development, Godisang Development and Epicurean Tastes and Cleaning to presented a pilot programme for the unemployed youth from the City of Tshwane.
After careful selection by Godisang Development the candidates received training in City & Guilds of London programmes by The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy.

Training commenced on 10 November 2014 at the campus of The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy, in Pretoria. The learning programmes were presented over a number of weeks; which culminated in on-site theoretical and practical training as well as off-site practical sessions for the Housekeeping Services programme at a number of full-service hospitality training partners.

On Wednesday, 25 March 2015, the successful candidates received their respective international certificates for:

  • City & Guilds Skills Proficiency Awards: Basic Food Preparation;
  • City & Guilds Skills Proficiency Awards: Basic Food and Beverage Services;
  • City & Guilds Skills Proficiency Awards: Basic Housekeeping Services.

A lavish lunch function, hosted at The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy’s Pretoria Campus, for the candidates was attended by the Acting Deputy Director General of Department of Social Development’s Mr Bongani Ngomane, as well as other key role players, Godisang Development’s Mr Jacob Makgale and Epicurean Tastes and Cleaning’s Peo Boakgomo.

The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy Director, Ms Ronel Bezuidenhout, provided an overview of the programmes and congratulated the successful candidates on their achievement.

The theme for the day was indeed about entering the workplace with a qualification which equipped the candidates with the basic knowledge and skills required in their respective field, but furthermore about the candidates’ willingness to enter the workplace and create opportunities for themselves.

The certification ceremony honored 16 Food Preparation, 18 Housekeeping and 44 Food and Beverage candidates for successfully completing the programmes.

The two-course lunch was a culinary delight which featured a Nutty Sage Poached Chicken Breast, Roasted Carrot Puree, Parmesan Crumbed Mealie Meal Croquette, Sweet Red Pepper Relish accompanied by Grilled Courgette Ribbons. And the dessert was an architectural masterpiece of Individual White Chocolate Mousse, Caramel Veloute, Sesame Seed Tuile and Berry Confetti.

Ms Ronel Bezuidenhout exclaimed; “We, at CHS, are confident in the caliber of training these youngsters have received and appeal to the industry to provide these qualified and experienced young individuals with opportunities to work and prove themselves as they enter the hospitality industry.

Industry role-players have come to the forefront with opportunities for these qualified individuals; and all the partners involved look forward to bearing witness to the successful absorption of these capable candidates into the hospitality industry.

Talks in regard to a second round of level 1 training (Skills Awards from City & Guilds), as well as a possible level 2 (Certificate Programmes from City & Guilds), are underway for the remainder of 2015.

Should you wish to discuss opportunities for these successful candidates, contact The Capital Hotel School and Training Academy at (012) 430 5539 or alternatively send an e-mail enquiry to nadia@capitalhotelschool.co.za.








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