2012 First Year Camp – Top this!

The traditional first year student orientation camp at Buffelspoort took place in the last week of January this year.

“How was this one it different from any other first year camp?” you may ask. Well, to start off with – never in the history of CHS have we had such fabulous cultural diversity in a group. No less than 15 languages are spoken, including all 11 official South African languages, French, Malagasy, (spoken in parts of Madagascar), German as well as Greek!

Fortunately, with everyone fluent in English, it prevented the excursion ending in absolute chaos.  Add to this the wide age range of the new intake – 17 to 37 – and you will appreciate the uniqueness of this remarkable group.

Despite the difference in age and variety of cultural backgrounds, it was clear from the onset that the students were there to embrace the opportunity to get to know each other better. All activities were approached with resilience and enthusiasm. After four days students and lecturers arrived back at CHS exhausted, but pleased that they had the chance to really connect before the academic year kicked off.

Chef Nadia and Mrs Bezuidenhout ran affairs with the assistance of a group of dedicated second year students.  “Our second year students were absolute stars,” says Chef Nadia. “It would simply have been impossible to work without them!  I have no idea how this year’s event will ever be topped. It was simply awesome!”  Ian Boshoff and Riaan Haasbroek were anonymously elected as the most supportive second year assistants.

Herewith are the competition results of the various activities. It was a close call, but finally the Yellow Team walked away with the honours. Congratulations Yellow Team!


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