Full Time Courses

If you have the desire, passion and enthusiasm to excel in this industry, Dream Big and nothing in the world will stop you achieving your goals. CHS will provide you with the “tools of the trade” to realise your dreams and make your mark in the Hospitality Industry.


  • Social Responsibility

    If you are familiar with the Values of CHS, you will find the following statement; The Capital Hotel School & Training Academy honours and cherishes its special responsibility to serve the people of the Hospitality Industry through research, teaching and community leadership. As part of the full-time two year curriculum, at The Capital Hotel School … Read More >>

  • Food for thought: 7 Habits of Successful under 30s

    27 November 2015 – As TEAM CHS is preparing for the Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2014, we step back and ponder about what it means to be a “graduate”. The saying “the big, bad world” out there is now at your doorstep only seems like an intimidation tactic whereas the saying should go … Read More >>